Ice Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings & Team Building

Ice Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings & Team Building

11. August 2022 Education 0

It is a good way to encourage team members to think positively and share things that they are grateful for. It can also help team members connect on a personal level and can improve morale. Starting a virtual meeting can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know everyone in the group. To make sure everyone feels comfortable and connected, it’s important to start the meeting with quick ice breakers. Here, your goal is to just set the right mood for your virtual meeting. As such, the ice breaker is a booster to kicking off your meeting in a fun way.

quick ice breakers for virtual meetings

This ice breaker can be a good way to get team members to share a more light-hearted and personal side of themselves. It can also help team members to connect on the things that they enjoy in their free time. Zoom backgrounds icebreakers for virtual meetings make meetings fun, but they don’t help people get to know each other very well. Location-specific photo challenges could start more personalized conversations because they’ll reveal new things about each coworker.

List of virtual icebreaker games & ideas

One of the biggest complaints about virtual icebreakers is that they waste valuable time. Feel free to set a timer and start the official part of the meeting once it goes off. You can also give people a set time limit to answer a question, such as 30 seconds. As virtual team building professionals, Bar None Games helps remote teams connect with ice breakers that perfectly suit the needs and interests of their team members.

You and your coworkers can bond in new ways and develop deeper relationships even if everyone works remotely. Among them, we all have our favorites, which, in one way or another, say a lot about us. A fun way for team members to express themselves and to share something about their personality using emojis is to have everyone share their favorite or most used one. This ice breaker can also give team members an idea of how their colleagues communicate and express themselves online, leading to better communication internally with the team. Here, you quickly ask team members to share their “good old times” as coworkers.

Sales Role-Play Meeting Template

Friends, soulmates, and enemies is basically the family version of kiss, marry, and kill. Each round, each player says three characters (famous people), and other players must label each figure as a friend, a soulmate, or an enemy. This game is mostly about sharing what each member of the group went through – in terms of work – during the week. With this question, you can help your team be more conscious about the present and remember what’s truly important.

  • Here are some unique ice breakers that are more thoughtful than cheesy – to help both the existing team and the newest colleagues get off to a good start.
  • Everyone can contribute and so you’ll take an instant pulse check on how everyone is feeling before the meeting.
  • Ask each participant to choose 1-3 items they would take with them in order to survive on a desert island.
  • If you can, offer prizes for the first few groups back with acceptable answers.
  • Emojis are everywhere and can serve as excellent ways of communicating fun moments.
  • All you need to do is say a word and a member will say the first 5 things that pop into their head in a period of 10 seconds.