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A Monster: Super Meth and Other Drugs Push Crisis Beyond Opioids The New York Times

So, heavy drinking can eventually cause changes to the brain that result in dependence on alcohol. Physical dependence, triggers, social pressure, and withdrawal symptoms then make it challenging to stop drinking, even for people who truly want to quit. Any potential benefits of alcohol are relatively small and may not apply to all individuals. Multiple…

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What Is Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease?

11,12-EET supplementation could significantly alleviate lipid accumulation by suppressing the expression of lipid metabolism-related genes and proteins. The present study suggests that chronic exposure to MeP and EtP promoted NAFLD via gut microbiota-dependent AA metabolism. These results highlight the alcoholic liver disease need for reducing oral exposure to synthetic preservatives to improve metabolic disturbance under…

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Meth Addiction Treatment: How to Quit Meth

There are many physical side effects of long-term meth abuse, such as tooth decay or „meth mouth,“ body sores, weight loss, hair loss and outward signs of aging as the drug destroys tissues and blood vessels. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), psychosis can last for several months or years after the individual quits…

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The Link Between Anger and Alcoholism

For example, if you start drinking when you’re lonely and sad, you may find the alcohol makes you feel even more desolate and distressed than you did when you were sober. Researchers have studied the connection between anger and aggression for years. However, it’s about more than getting easily upset or having a short fuse…

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Alcohol and Anger: Symptoms and Management

People who are the closest to the alcoholic who struggled with anger often get the most abuse. You may find yourself walking on eggshells to avoid an alcohol-induced anger outburst. Alcohol severely decreases cognitive function, which makes it harder to problem-solve, make safe decisions, and control aggression. Lack of impulse control can make someone fly…

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Types of interventions The effectiveness, acceptability and cost-effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for maltreated children and adolescents: an evidence synthesis NCBI Bookshelf

This article presents examples of positive behavior intervention plans and strategies. It describes applied behavior analytic assessment and intervention, including the ABC model of behavior assessment. It also outlines the benefits of earning a masters in Behavior Analysis online to prepare for a career in applied behavior analysis. An intervention is a carefully planned process…

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CBD: Safe and effective?

For this reason, it’s important for you to talk with a healthcare provider about the safety and efficacy of any sleep supplement you plan to take. Cannabis may or may not be legal for medical or recreational is cannabidiol addictive use depending on the laws in your state. The effects of cannabis vary from person…

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Success Stories

In college, and throughout my 20s, I only ever consumed two or three drinks at a time; I could take it or leave it. I didn’t consider my drinking to be problematic, although I suspect a doctor may tell you differently. The same year—2016—I was driving home from a date with my wife one night…

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Dave’s story: „Being sober has opened up a whole new world for me I feel very blessed, and very

I was free to drink and use the way I wanted to. It made me feel powerful, like I was unstoppable. My alcoholism had progressed to the point in which I couldn’t get drunk anymore. The solution I had found to deal with life had failed me. I had a miscarriage, I was so out…

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Is marijuana addictive? National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

Scientists have historically classified marijuana (THC) as a hallucinogen. However, not all instances of marijuana use cause hallucinogen-like effects. In other words, marijuana is cannabis, but not all forms of cannabis are marijuana (contain THC). If you use it regularly, you could have the same breathing problems as someone who smokes cigarettes. Drug abuse and…

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